GAC Group’s graphene

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    Shanghai (Gasgoo)-GAC Group has tested its graphene-enabled batteries in vehicles to prove whether the technology can be mass produced, and the progress will be officially announced later this month, according to a local media outlet.

    GAC Group’s graphene

    GAC Group’s graphene-enabled batteries about to go into volume production

    3D structure of GAC's graphene-enabled battery; photo credit: GAC Aion

    The graphene-enhanced “super-fast-charging” battery can be charged to 80% of its capacity within eight minutes, GAC Aion said via its WeChat account.

    GAC Aion also noted the all-new power battery technology has gone through the gunshot testing, and will soon go into volume production this year.

    Due to the announcement, perhaps, the price of GAC Group's A shares surged in the afternoon on Jan. 15, with a closing price of 12.52 yuan ($1.93) per share.

    GAC Group said in last December the R&D of the graphene-enhanced battery was well underway and the company is likely to test the battery for volume production in vehicles at the end of 2020. However, whether the mass production would be achieved still rests upon the testing result.

    During the R&D process, the three-dimensional graphene (3DG) is put into a battery's cathode and anode as an additive in a bid to improve battery charging performance, said GAC Group. The company has applied for many patents for the technology, covering fields like graphene production, supercapacitor and fast-charging battery. 

    At the 2020 Tech Day in July, GAC Group announced it developed super-fast-charging battery by virtue of graphene's outstanding conductivity and special 3D structure. A vehicle equipped with the battery can be recharged to 80% of its capacity within only 8 minutes and a 10-minute charging can support range of 200 to 300km. The battery will be introduced to GAC Aion's product lineup.

    GAC Aion also revealed last week it is developing another new battery tech that can offer an EV mdoel an range of up to 1,000km under NEDC test cycle.



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